Strip Appeal : a chance to reinvent the Strip Mall in Alberta

A reminder from Merle Patchett to say it’s exactly one week till the Strip Appeal: Reinventing the Strip Mall deadline: Wednesday 30th of NOV!

November 30, 2011

Initiated by the City-Region Studies Centre, University of Alberta, Strip Appeal is an ideas design competition intended to stimulate creative design proposals for the adaptive reuse of small-scale strip-malls (or mini-malls).

We ask: how might the small-scale strip be reinvented and redeveloped to local advantage? With creative thinking and design experimentation, we believe there are many ways to transform these ever-present yet ailing built forms to promote walkability, sustainability and community as suburban experience.

Competition Brief and Submission Instructions available at

Competition Updates:
The shortlisted submissions are to go on display in the University of Alberta’s Enterprise Square Galleries on Dec 12th 2011.
The prize winners will be announced on Monday the 19th of December (which will be decided by our Jury on Friday the 16th of December).
The closing event of this exhibition is to include a lecture and workshop by Ellen Dunham-Jones the author of Retrofitting Suburbia on the 26th of January 2012.
The shortlisted submissions will also be showcased in following bookwork: Reinventing the Strip Mall: A Collection of Anticipatory Architectures (to be published by the University of Alberta Press).
This bookwork and the shortlisted submissions will then form a travelling exhibit. This will kick-off with a display at the Association of American Geographers (AAG) annual international conference in New York in Feb 2012.
I am also excited to announce the Strip Appeal exhibition at Enterprise Square will be using WAVE – a multi-media and interactive display centre (which also conveniently looks like a strip mall). While all the shortlisted submissions will be mounted and displayed individually, WAVE will allow us to display all the submissions and enable visitors to compare different submissions. We are also hoping to incorporate a voting function (for the public vote) that will be linked to the Strip Appeal website.

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